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Architectural Design Consultants in Atlanta


Led by an ongoing drive in new medical office
building (MOB) construction, health care facilities overall continue to grow in scope and demand. Recently, MOBs have led the industry in new health care construction projects and many areas are seeing trends toward the community, rather than a traditional hospital campus approach. Nationally, on average, the size of a new MOB construction is roughly 50,000 sq ft, compared to existing structures which represent approximately 30,000 sq ft.

Peacock Partnership continues to be at the forefront
of many MOB projects developed in Georgia and neighboring states. For the past 30 years we have assisted small and large-scale clients with their MOB needs. As a result, we have gained valuable knowledge, experience, and tremendous reputation in every aspect of each project we have undertaken. We work closely with each client to construct facilities that take into account advances in medical systems that are needed for today’s care delivery, while also being adaptable to changes in the future.

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